You can watch some of my videos here.

“Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention towards other things it will come and softly sit on your shoulder.” This is one from my archives, inspired by a quote that one of my friends gave me after I was feeling downhearted about being single and various failed relationships (before I met my husband – if only I’d known he was just around the corner!) After sitting abandoned in a folder of countless unrecorded songs for over 20 years, it seemed the perfect fit for my Summer EP and has finally been recorded.
Video for ‘Rainbows’ written during lockdown in April 2020.
Live video of ‘Wildflowers’, recorded in my garden in August 2019.
Music video for ‘Flow’ from my Winter EP.
‘Words Will Remain’ recorded after I moved from Dunfermline to Milnathort.
‘Coming Back’ recorded in my garden in Dunfermline a few years ago. This was written around 2012 after a long period of writer’s block. After I moved from St Andrews in 2003 I lost much of my inspiration and finally on a hilltop in Dunfermline overlooking the Forth this song came to me whilst I was reminiscing about St Andrews and I began songwriting again.
‘Drifting’ – another recording in my old garden in Dunfermline a few years ago. This is a very old song that I began writing when I lived in St Andrews circa 2000 and finally finished around 10 years later!
Live version of ‘Evie’ recorded in 2015. Written in memory of Evie Byrne.