Summer EP

The songs on this EP were inspired by summer, nature, trees and wildlife, and they feature field recordings of birdsong and streams from rural Perthshire.

All proceeds will be donated towards two charities close to my heart that relate to the themes on this EP: Lendrick Muir and The Woodland Trust.

Lendrick Muir is a Christian outdoor centre located in the heart of the Perthshire countryside and has been working with children and young people for over 20 years. Over the years they’ve seen, countless times, the invaluable benefits for these young people in experiencing challenging activities. Adventurous activities help young people to develop new skills. In addition, they learn how to operate as a team and gain a huge sense of achievement as they step out of their comfort zone and try something new. It’s always been a priority at Lendrick Muir to year-on-year enhance our guests stay and they depend on support, so every donation helps them to further develop the activities and facilities at the centre.

The Woodland Trust plant woods and trees to combat climate change, build a greener future for the UK and create havens for wildlife. They restore damaged ancient woods so wildlife can thrive once again and save woods. They also protect woods and trees from decimation and stand against needless destruction and lead the fight against tree pests and diseases. They care for over 1,000 woods, keeping them open for us to explore and enjoy. Woods and trees were a lifeline for many of us during lockdown, providing relief from the stresses of Covid so your donation will help them create and protect even more woodland.

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This song was written in April 2020 during lockdown. I recorded it to raise additional funds for It’s Good 2 Give and Maggie’s further to my release of Starlight, with proceeds being split evenly between the two charities.

Starlight EP

The songs on this EP were inspired by two friends affected by cancer and follow the theme of light in the midst of darkness. ‘Evie’ was inspired by my friend Shonagh Byrne’s daughter who passed away from cancer at the age of two. She loved anything glittery and sparkly and not long after she passed away in 2013, I took part in the Twilight Race For Life in her memory as part of the group ‘Evie’s Twilight Runners’. We all wore bright, sparkly clothes and glow sticks and ran 5K in the pouring rain, which inspired ‘On and On’. The second person who inspired this EP is my close friend Deborah Black who battled breast cancer recently. She showed so much strength and positivity throughout her treatment that I was inspired to write about seeing the positives in difficult situations and focusing on the ‘glimmers of light’, however small they might be. All proceeds from the EP will be split between It’s Good 2 Give and Maggie’s to support the work they do for cancer patients and their families.

Winter EP

This EP was recorded with my band Daydream Daisies in 2015 and features a selection of winter-themed songs. It was produced as a fundraiser for New Destiny Adventure Centre, in Brazil, working with underprivileged children from the slums of Belo Horizonte. All proceeds from the EP will go towards the project..